“Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I went to look for someone I could trust to stay overnight in my home and keep Domdom company. Finally my Veterinary recommended you. I’m very grateful that Domdom loves you so much. Thanks
June Anne Bauer, Real World Magic Inc
Lorraine is an excellent pet sitter. She cared for them as family. She took care of my beautiful pit bulls at the same time and they loved her! All four of my beautiful pits succumbed to cancer but Lorraine took the time to give them extra special care when I wasn’t able to be with them. Lady towards the end of her life would only eat sporadically and Lorraine was up at 2am hand feeding her chicken because Lady decided she would eat them. Lorraine called me first thing in the morning and reassured me that she was OK. I hated to leave them, but at least I knew they were being well taken care of. Lorraine’s now looking after my crazy Bullpei (Sharpei/English Bulldog) mix puppy when I need to go away.
Annette S., Springfield, PA